Cycling is a fantastic low impact exercise, perfect for cross training or maintaining fitness should injury strike.

Having realised that NRC was full of cyclists, a small group of enthusiasts was formed as a casual group. At the beginning of 2019 we decided that it was time to make things official and take NRC's inclusive ethos to the cycling world. We are now an official cycling club, registered and insured through British Cycling.

Club rides are once a month, typically on the second Sunday and scheduled to start late enough to allow everyone to volunteer at junior parkrun. There are typically 3 groups:

Group One ‐ 20 miles at 8-10mph (accommodates anyone on any bike as long as it's road safe ‐ you can bring a mountain bike, hybrid, anything goes) this group actually will run at the slowest bike's pace, anything goes why not come along and see if you like it?

Group Two ‐ 30 miles at approximately 12-14 mph

Group Three ‐ 40 miles at approximately 15-16mph

All three groups set off from the same place at the same time (so you get to meet everyone and have a natter first) then we all meet up at the same cafe, so far we've managed to time it so we all get there at roughly the same time!

One hour rides are most Friday's and some Sundays at literally what it says on the tin! We ride for roughly an hour (no more) at the slowest person's pace. We aim to set off between 6.30 and 7.00pm to allow everyone time to get back from work and of course finish early enough to get home and back out to the pub. Sometimes we don't bother going home at all!

These rides are a great introduction to group riding, it's a mixed ability group supported by some of our most experienced cyclists. We will teach you the system we use for keeping everyone together and safe, the ethos of the club and we usually manage to keep it on quiet, low traffic routes.

Ad hoc rides are arranged by all our members within a members only facebook group. We post details including routes, times and estimated average speed and anyone is welcome to come along.