Wizard 5 Mile

Wednesday 10th July 2019

Drizzle didn’t deter NRC’s finest from tipping up at Wilmslow Running Club’s Wizard 5 Miler at Alderley Edge. With a turnout of 12 runners and a couple of embarrassingly loud supporters, Anna Parsons decided that one age cat win is not enough in a week. Leading NRC to the finish Anna finished first f45 in 44th place followed by Giles Cobley, Leslie Johnson, Lucas Pilkington, Iain Borsbey, Stuart Greenall, Andy Hind, Lisa Richards, Jessica Messenger, Cora Costigan, Eli Atkinson and Sarah Jones.

Yet another display of NRC’s team spirit and determination only 3 days after our very own trail race in the scorching heat.

Congratulations guys , you deserve to be very proud!